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POS Monitors

TM-1000 13.3" Touch $649
TM-2000 15.1" Touch $749
TM-2000 Non Touch 15.1" $549

With a small footprint, the TM-1000 and TM-2000 touch monitors are especially attractive and space efficient in POS applications. The large bright display is adjustable for clear viewing in high or low light environments and the touch interface increases accuracy and improves operator efficiency. Cables and connectors are easy to access, yet safe and secure from interference.
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CRS 1220

The 1220/1230 Touch LCD monitors target hospitality and retail applications. The 1220/1230 are the favorite of many customers using them in conjunction with traditional or book-size PCs. The injection-molded die-cast aluminum casing and small footprint differentiate the 1220/1230 from common LCD monitors. To satisfy the large spectrum of users, integrated touch-screen, MSR and VFD customer displays are available where called for by the application. 12.4"W x 11.4"H x 7.8"D.

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MS-9520 / MS-9540 Scanner

Both hand-held and fixed projection.
PowerLink, user-replaceable cables.
Flash ROM with Meteior upgrade utility.
Includes adjustable stand.
Short-range and long-range activation.
MS-9540 includes Metrologic's Propreitary CodeGate Technology.

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  • Fully Automatic Scan Operation
  • PowerLink, User-Replacement Cables
  • Mountable to a Wall or Under Check-Writing Stands
  • Customize the Depth-of-Field for Tight Scanning Environments
  • Custom Edit the Bar Code Data to Meet the Requirements of the Application
  • Multiple Beeper Tones
  • OPOS System Compatible Using MetrOPOS Driver
  • Easy Programming Using MetroSet Windows-Based Software or MetroSelect Bar Codes


MS-9520/ MS-9540



MS-6720 Laser Scanner

Combination hand-held and fixed projection scanner.
Superior ergonomics.
Concentrated omnidirectional scan pattern.
Flexible handling.
Fully positional stand.
Easy to program.
Cost effective.


S-2000 $595.00
CAS S-2000 Price Computing Scale
30 x 0.01lb. (15kg x 5g) capacity.
Zero, tare, tare save, and pre-pack keys. VFD displays.
Stainless steel platter (15.6" x 10.9") 1/2lb. and 1/4lb. keys where allowed.
9999 programmable price look ups.
Auto span adjustment.
Auto zero tracking. RS-232 interface.
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LP-1000 $1595.00

Thermal Printing Scale.
30 x 0.01 lbs., 15.000 x .005 kg capacity. Up to 1000 PLU capacity with 54 preset keys. Auto printing and save keys. Detailed totals available for each item printed. RS-232 output standard. High speed smudge-proof thermal printing. Vacuum fluorescent displays. 5-digit weight, 6 digit unit price and 7 digit total price displays. Stainless steel platter (15.7" W x 9.6" D). 1/2lb. and 1/4 lb. keys, where allowed. Auto span adjustment. Auto zero tracking.

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CAS LP-1000

AP1-30lb/15lb $499/$449                  

Price Computing Scale
30lb & 15lb capacity. 200 price look up (PLU) with 28 preset keys for fast look up of common prices. Zero tare, tare save, pre pack, and ADD + total keys. VFD displays. 6 digit unite price and total price, 5 digit weight displays. Stainless steel platter (13.6" W x 8.6" D). 1/2lb. and 1/4lb. keys, where allowed. Auto span adjustment. Auto zero tracking.

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PD-1 $675.00
CAS PD-1 ECR Interface Scale
30lb. x 0.01lb. capacity (15kg x 5g).
Interface capabilities almost unlimited.
On/Off, and zero function keys.
2 easy to read, 5 digit LED displays as standard.
Auto zero tracking.
Auto span calibration.
Stainless steel 14.2" x 12.8" platter.
Options include: remote display, cables for RS-232 and pole display.
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