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We accept Visa & Mastercard and have an affordable Leasing plan available. WAC Call for more details.

RMS-TOUCH software is the most innovative in the industry, offering unique features not found in competitive products.
The RMS-TOUCH POS will improve your efficiency and profitability by reducing errors, maximizing your sales, reducing time to present the check to the customer and improving overall satisfaction.
The RMS-TOUCH POS (Point Of Sale) is state of the art and very easy to learn and use.
Click here for more information about RMS-Touch.


We do all types of data recovery. Please call for more information on services you need. NEVER a fee if no data is recovered.

Data Recovery Software:
Rebuild your drive and reboot. Invalid drive specification or missing operating system? Accidentally delete the wrong partition in Fdisk? Reboot will allow you to repair the partition and boot sectors of you local DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 & XP drives. After a successful rebuild the drive will be bootable and restored to its previous condition.

Utility Software:
Recover data from Fdisk, Format, deletion, virus attack. Media tools recovers even from the most corrupt file systems!

Fast File Recovery/Undelete:
Fast File Recovery is a quick and effective way to recover data lost due to Fdisk, Format or deletion. Fast Fast File Recovery is a true 32 bit file recovery application. Recover lost directories and sub-directories with three clicks of your mouse. Runs in a Windows environment.
Fast File Undelete is a quick and effective way to retrieve valuable data lost due to deletion. Fast File Undelete allows the retrieval of files which have been deleted from a disk and have been removed from the Recycle Bin, or bypassed the Recycle Bin. Fast File Undelete is easy to use and requires no special knowledge.


The PC/Poll Systems polling and programming software will allow you to collect
information from your cash register.
PC Poll can be used in conjuncion with select models of Samsung, Sharp, TEC
electronic cash registers. And also the CRS 3000.
Please click here for more information regarding PC Poll.


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