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Menu Driven Report Selection
CRS 3000 report selections make it easy to manage your business. For up to the minute information simply choose your option from the report screen.

Easy to Read reports
Economical 40 Column printers may be used for management reports, receipts, requisitions or sales journal. Clear, concise and detailed management reports are easy to balance and easy to read - much easier to read than reports on narrow cash register tapes.

Up to 6,500 PLUs
3 Shift Modifiers per PL
5 Keyboard Levels
Paid Order Recall
Full stored order recall
Table look up function
12 Character alpha descriptors
Fully programmable keyboard
Floating Cashiers
Order Cancel
Error Correct, Void and Transaction Void with time correction
Void Search
Coupon Match
Employee Time keeping
Enhanced Reporting
Up to 48 time Periods
Training mode
Manager Controls
Macro Function with Mode selection
Time activated Function Keys

Adjustable 8 line by 40 character LCD front Display
One line 20 Character Rear Display
120 Key Flat Spill Resistant Keyboard
256 Kb Standard Memory Expandable to 896 Kb
Standard Inter-Register Communications
Industry Standard RS-232 Direct modem PC Communications
Two Standard RS232C Ports
Optional Third RS-232C Port
Up to 24 CRS 3000s in one system
Cash Drawer

Download the CRS 3000 brochure in PDF

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