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For fast food outlets, cafeterias, food concessions, delicatessens, bars, convenience stores and more... the affordable Samsung ER-5100 provides the gateway to system features with standard RS-232C communications

  • Compatible with popular RS-232C options
  • 2 station, 9 pin bi-directional dot-matrix printing
  • 1,000 price look-ups (PLUs) with inventory
  • Flat, spill-resistant keyboard
  • 117 programmable keyboard PLUs
  • Table management function
  • 15 programmable cashiers
  • Five macro keys
  • 12 character PLU, function key, group and clerk descriptors
  • 21 character, 6 line programmable receipt message
  • Programmable management controls

Download the ER-5100 Brochure in PDF.

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ER 51 Software
The ER-5100/40 PC Utility software efficiently transports point-of-sale data from your Samsung ER-5100 series ECR to your personal computer. Let the ER-51 series PC Utility software take over when point-of-sale requirements become more demanding, or, when you need to quickly communicate critical financial and sales data from a remote store location.

Download the ER 51brochure in PDF.

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