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PC Poll works with the following ECR's:
Samsung: 600, 650, 655, 650R, 1000, 5100, 5200, 5215, 5240, 5200M, 5215M, 5240M, 6500I, 6500II, 6540I, 6540II
Sharp: 410, 420, 450, 550, 600, 700, 750, 770, 3300, 3301
TEC: FS1350, MA1350, FS1450, MA1450, MA1535, FS1650, MA1650, FS2600, SL9000
CRS 3000

For more information about PCPoll and demo downloads, Please visit PCPoll's website for more details. www.pcpoll.com

Advantages of PC/Poll Polling:

  • Use your PC to manage your business
  • Collect important business information from your cash register
  • Collect sales reports from the convenience of your office
  • Backup the extensive data on your cash register
  • Reset your cash register from your office
  • Receive reports that are easy to read and use
  • Program your cash register from your computer
  • Link your cash register with other software packages


  • Poll multiple ROM versions, multiple register models, and multiple machines simultaneously with the SAME program
  • Poll both X and Z reports from the PC
  • Connect the register directly to the PC or connect via modem
  • Set up custom polls in advance and run them at any time of day using PC/Poll’s calendar feature


  • Save and send register programs
  • Create and save scripts, which are “communications to-do lists.” Scripts can be repeatedly used to run polls, send programs, and save programs from the register.
  • Setup schedules to:
    Execute scripts at specified times
    Automatically export in text file format
    Automatically print a report


  • View and maintain all PC available register programs
  • Easy-to-use grids for rapid file updating along with detailed maintenance screens that explain register fields
  • Change the cash register keyboard layout and print a full color overlay
  • Print and view easy-to-read reports
  • Quickly generate weekly, monthly and yearly consolidated reports
  • “Zero skip” option on reports saves space and paper by not printing or displaying blank fields
  • Select multiple reports for combined printing and text file exporting
  • Export reports in the following format:
    Text files (3 available export options)
    Quick Reports
    Microsoft Excel ®
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